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Legislative Affairs

Local, State and Federal Legislative Affairs: Having spent years lobbying  elected officials at every level in a multitude of states and in Washington, D.C., BLPA is eager to help you navigate the political waters.  BLPA has experience lobbying members of U.S. Congress, state legislatures in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Tennessee, and various city councils, county commissions and school boards alike.

State Regulatory Affairs: State agencies and departments are often the key to real change, and it takes someone who is experienced to help you navigate the morass of administrative procedure and the process by which rules and regulations are promulgated, amended or challenged. BLPA is a recognized leader in regulatory lobbying, and has built key relationships that will help get the job done. 

Political Consulting/Campaign Management: A qualified campaign manager can be the difference between giving a concession speech and celebrating an electoral victory  well into the night.  BLPA knows that a win at the polls requires hard work, benchmark polling, volunteer recruitment and management, fund-raising, targeted district canvassing, and solid public relations.  BLPA would like to give you an honest evaluation of your campaign and create a strategic plan for your victory - e-mail the firm now to set up an appointment.

Public Relations: Winning the battle of public perception takes impeccable speaking and writing skills, the ability to look at a bunch of information and pick out what is important, immaculate planning and the ability to think on your feet.  BLPA has vast experience drafting press releases and letters to the editor that have been picked up by major metro and small town papers alike.  Additionally, BLPA has organized and coordinated many press events for television news media.  PR can be the most important part of a campaign - trust BLPA to devise a plan that will get you or your issue the positive PR it deserves.

 Grassroots & Grasstops Organization: Drawing on the knowledge and principles of the famed Midwest Academy for Social and Political Change, BLPA is positioned to assist you with grassroots community organization and strategy.   With first-hand knowledge of recruitment, training, and activation of networks containing thousands of members, BLPA can get the community behind you or your issue by conducting on-site advocacy trainings, organizing letter writing campaigns, rallies, etc. Grasstops advocacy is also an important strategy that engages high level volunteers in your area on the issue.

Burns addresses a crowd at an event in Marietta, GA

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